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Marie Manalo

Intake Specialist

I never thought I would be working in a law firm. 

My first career straight out of college was in the field of interior design.  I worked mainly in hospitality and institutional design.  A lot of the spaces I helped design were in Sharp Reese Stealy hospitals and the Loma Linda University Hospital.  But when the economy started going down in 2008, I found myself being let go from an award-winning design firm and I had to find another dream.  So, I went to grad school and entertained the idea of becoming an elementary school teacher again.


My mom was a teacher and my earliest memories were being in her classroom.  I reasoned since my mom was a teacher, it was in my blood, and I should stop running away from it.  But when I was out doing my practicums at schools, I had a difficult time being an authority figure by my students.  I was only a few inches taller than most of my students.  Standing at 4’10” with a baby face, it was tough for my students to take me seriously because I practically stood at the same height as them.  I looked like one of their peers.  The honest attempt at becoming a teacher never happened.  As a result, there were a few years after grad school of occupations sprinkled here and there that were very customer service driven.  I’d like to think all those years of answering calls and making sure guests were happy at a beach hotel during the peak of summertime was just prepping me to be at Embry Dana Sattro.

 The best thing about working at EDS is every day goes by so fast and no two days are never the same.  I love that I get to provide support to such amazing attorneys and colleagues every day. Every day I learn and grow from each person I come in contact with.  I used to always look with speculation at people that say they love going to work every day.  But now I realize I have become one of those people.

When I’m not working at EDS, I like to read and journal.  I am also a fan of strength training and dancing.  I’m a fan of scary movies and good documentaries.  You can easily win me over with a cookie.  Lastly, I also commit myself every day to be more like Beyonce with every breath I take.