San Diego

EMBRY DANA SATTRO, LLP serves businesses, families and individuals throughout California. This is in line with our pursuit of bringing reliable and accessible legal services. 

Our Law Firm offers services to all San Diego County. With our combined experiences in legal representation, counseling and litigation, we provide full and quality services to all our clients, individuals and businesses alike, in the area. 

Embry Dana Sattro, LLP - San Diego

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Practice Areas

EDS has a combined 40 years of litigation and legal representation experience. Our firm specializes in the following legal practice areas: Family Law, Estate Planning, Entertainment Law, Business Law, and Immigration Law. Feel free to visit our office in Beverly Hills if you have legal concerns in the following areas: 

Family Law

Family law is a delicate practice area. Relationship issues are often complicated and painful. Here at EDS San Diego, we approach such delicate situations with a balance of legal precision and passion. Whether it’s for reaching an agreement between the parties or pushing for a full-blown trial, you certainly need lawyers who are experts in this field, not just a mere general practitioner. 

Estate Planning

Estate planning is another practice area EDS Firm is experienced at. In terms of administering or creating wills and trusts, helping families through the probate process, managing digital assets, and other estate planning issues, we provide efficient and practical solutions. With our location at San Diego, we make estate planning accessible throughout the county and the State.

Business Law

Want to make your business idea into a real deal here in San Diego or other parts of California? You certainly need help from a firm that knows the ins and outs of business law. EDS has considerable experience and expertises in helping businesses deal with various legal issues involved in developing and protecting their dreams and goals. 

Entertainment Law

This is a very specific legal practice, one that needs experience and expertise. Lucky for us, our Senior Partner Sattro has an executive-level experience in the field of entertainment law. He represents clients in transactions involving financing, production, development and distribution of motion picture, TV, home video and other media projects. In San Diego, our firm also offers ADR options and represents in the areas of anti-piracy, trademark, copyright, patent, trade secrets and intellectual property.


The immigration law is quite complex. This is even made more complicated by the ever-changing set of rules, memorandums, case law, statutes and regulations. A mistake in your immigration application could mean deportation. It is something that you shouldn’t take lightly, one that needs expertise and experience. Especially now that there are political upheavals in immigration enforcement, not just in San Diego but in the entire country; it is important that you trust your immigration case only in the hands of experienced immigration lawyers.