As Senior Partner of EDS’s entertainment law practice, Mr. Sattro is able to provide a full suite of services to his entertainment clients. With his executive-level experience, he represents clients in transactions involving the development, financing, production, and distribution of home video, motion picture, television, music, and interactive entertainment projects.  Sattro understands first-hand the day-to-day operating challenges and therefore has an unparalleled expertise in taking a film to market or structuring a music licensing deal.  Through years of experience, Gordon Sattro has developed litigation techniques and experience that has helped individuals and companies in the entertainment industry through representing motion picture, television, video, music, animation, and software developers, as well as producers, publishers, talent, and investors. Gordon Sattro and EDS are also skilled at handling arbitration’s, meditations, and other alternative dispute resolution options.

In addition, EDS is well suited to provide representation in the areas of anti-piracy, copyright, trademark, patent, intellectual property and technology agreements, and trade secrets.