At EDS we create and Administer plans, or sometimes the lack of a plan.  Administering trusts and helping families navigate through the probate process gives us better insights on how to provide practical and efficient solutions. For more information on Planning Call today or Click here to learn more about a Personal Family Legal Session.

Trusts & Wills

Are you dealing with the death or disability of a loved one? Are you named as the successor Trustee in a Trust, or Personal Representative in a Last Will and Testament or as an Agent in Power of Attorney?  Do you want help knowing what these titles mean and the duties and responsibilities that you have?  Call now or click here for more information on a Family Administration Session.

Asset Issues

Are you a beneficiary, which is a person that is entitled to receive money or assets from a trust or an estate? At EDS we can help you understand your rights as a beneficiary.  Is the Trustee or Personal Representative doing their job properly or do they need some encouragement or possible to be replaced?  Call Today to Schedule your denied rights Session.