San Diego Family Law Firm

There is an infinite number of things our clients would rather do than search for a Family Law Attorney.  At EDS we understand this.  We know that you would rather see your dentist for a root canal than step in our offices due to the breakdown of a relationship.  If you have made it here, you are likely facing the uncertainty and stress that comes with family related matters.  The goal at EDS is to make a painful process as painless as possible.  We approach each case with you in mind.  Operating as delicately as need be, but aggressive when needed.  Think “handle with a velvet glove but fight with an iron fist.”

The impact these cases have on your family, finances, and future, or your three Fs, can be devastating.  Reaching an agreement is always the least damaging route.  It allows you, and the opposing party, to dictate the outcome of the matter.  It limits your exposure to unneeded attorney fees.  However, there are times when this is not possible, and one must proceed in a more adversarial role, even trial.  You want to be prepared for this with experienced counsel.  Let us protect you.