Child support modification is the process of adjusting child support payments due to changes in need or income. When life circumstance change, such as the loss of your job, a child support modification may be necessary. If you believe your child support payments are incorrectly calculated, our attorneys can review your case and determine if your numbers are correct. If they are not, and you are paying more child support than the law requires, we can help you get it right. Also, if you believe you are receiving an incorrect level of support because of a miscalculation, let us help you by reviewing your situation. In both instances, correct calculation of child support sets a strong foundation for the children to have their needs met. EDS is the experienced law firm you need to help make certain child support levels are correct.

Sharing the financial duty of caring for children has its own brand of troubles. Conflicts run high with matters related to a couple’s precious assets: their children. Add finances to the mix, and a chaotic mess could be waiting for you. Just as custody is guided by California law, child support also is governed by California guidelines in the form of a formula. The court is permitted limited meddling in the formula.

Our attorneys are skilled to correctly calculate the child support formulas. The formula is very complicated, so the state uses a computer program to calculate. Both parents are responsible for entering information into the program. If the information entered is not correct, naturally, the result will not be either. If your situation changes, such as your mortgage changes, your income levels change drastically, or tax filing status is different, the calculations will no longer be correct.