Child Visitation

American families have changed over the last several decades. What has not changed is that children need both of their parents and whenever possible, should interact with them regularly. Child custody proceedings can take time and children can take the emotional brunt of the struggles during and after. California law provisions encourage both parents to maintain time with the children and keep relationships strong. The rights for parents are designed to guide decision-making by putting the child first. Legal visitation can mean any of these scenarios: 

  • When the child lives with one parent, visitation is what happens when the child spends time with the non-custody parent. 
  • When both parents share joint legal custody, without joint physical custody, visitation explains the arrangement for the parent without physical custody to visit with the child. 
  • When the court requires a supervising adult or professional agency to be present during parental visits, it could result from the parent and child beginning a new relationship together, or it could mean the child’s safety commands the supervision. 
  • When the court believes visiting the parent will cause physical or emotional harm to the child, no visitation is often the order. 

Virtual visitation can be ordered in today’s technological age when parents live far apart or other reasons exist that prevent regular physical visitation. When visitation becomes a contentious circumstance with parents arguing and both ends tugging at the children, it is the children that tend to suffer. We know no parent wants this and we work hard to help parents make sound decisions with a minimal amount of harm to the young ones that mean the world to both parents. Whatever your circumstance is, if you and your spouse are having trouble coming to terms with visitation, don’t delay getting the legal help you need to resolve it. When both parents want the best for their children and have sound advisors, everyone wins. EDS’s attorneys with combined experience of more than 50 years can help you carefully step through the visitation process so that your children’s well-being and emotional health is preserved. Contact us today to learn more about visitation, what options lie ahead, and then, let us help you create your plan for a successful visitation plan.