When couples divorce, the entire family experiences the results with changes in residences, logistics, finances, and relationships. The state of California’s policy on custody provides for each parent to maintain “frequent and continuing” contact with minor children. Some families figure this out early on their own while others tend to struggle to agree on a balance. The court weighs the cases and will rule using a “best interest” guideline to decide the division of time for children and both parents. Ultimately, a judge will decide when each parent will visit with the children and who will have custody. Representation during this phase is critical because proving your case can be confusing. EDS attorneys have extensive experience litigating issues around child custody and visitation. We can help you get the results that will help your children through the court process with the most ease and with as little angst for all as possible. Our firm strives to provide the kind of legal assistant that transcends the intimidating, stodgy traditional law firm. We provide a modern, friendly approach to custody matters. Getting your custody issues solved shouldn’t feel as frightening as the process itself. Instead, we aim to provide a comfortable environment where we are your approachable partners, not your inaccessible superiors.